Ángeles val del rio

Profesora Ayudante Doctora
Departamento: Ingeniería Química
Centro: Escola Técnica Superior de Enxeñaría (USC)
Grupo de Investigación: Biotecnología Ambiental (BIOGROUP)
Tel.: +34 8818 16788
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Dr. Angeles Val del Rio is Chemical Engineer (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC), 2006) and holds a PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering (USC, 2012) with the thesis entitled “Aerobic granular biomass systems: a challenge for a better wastewater treatment and sludge management”. During her PhD studies, she performed a stay at Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology (INRA, Narbonne) to study the aerobic granular sludge management by thermal pre-treatment and posterior anaerobic digestion. During the post-doctoral period, she performed two foreign stays at National University of Ireland (Galway), to study advanced UV lamps for wastewater disinfection, and at University of Minho (Braga), to study the application of Quimiometric Image Analysis as a tool to monitor granular sludge in wastewater treatment systems. She’s researche in the Group of Environmental Biotechnology (BioGroup) is devoted to the biological advanced treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater with recovery of valuable products (as biogas, biopolymers and water for reuse), with special focus in the application of aerobic granular sludge and anammox based processes for nitrogen removal.

Líneas de Investigación
• Tecnologías avanzadas para el tratamiento de aguas residuales
– Desntrificación autótrofa (proceso anammox): Aplicación del proceso anammox para el tratamiento de efluentes de digestores anaerobios tratando lodos o residuos industriales.
– Reactores aerobios granulares: Aplicación de biomasa granular aerobia para la eliminación de materia orgánica, nitrógeno y fósforo de aguas residuales industriales (conserveras de pescado, purines de cerdo, lácteas, etc.).
• Biorefinería
– Producción de biopolímeros a partir de aguas residuales: Valorización de la materia orgánica de efluentes líquidos (glicerol y efluentes de la industria agroalimentaria). En especial producción de biopolímeros con propiedades de bioplásticos.