Foto: Sandra Alonso. La voz de Galicia

The beginning of de-escalation stage has put the focus on the social behaviour. The civic responsibility plays a very important role in the recovery process and the return to “normality”. The newspaper ‘La Voz de Galicia’, among others, has contacted to Prof. José Manuel Sabucedo (Cosoypa research group) as expert in the field of social science to explain the current crisis and what are the future perspectives. (News:

A few days ago, the same newspaper published an article where Prof. Sabucedo and other outstanding researchers in social sciences, reflected about the future of the society, the incoming social changes and other risks that we might have to face. In particularly, Sabucedo advocated for the cooperation and the alliance between citizens. (Monographic published on May, the 3rd)

Also, the Galician Royal Academy of Sciences (RAGC) invited Prof. Sabucedo as a guest speaker in one of its weekly seminars on CoVID-19 crisis, in particularly ‘ Strategies for de-escalation and social behaviour’. In his lecture entitle ‘ Cooperation or social confrontation’ he discussed the psychological motivations that triggered the first social responses to the pandemic, the challenges that this new situation pose in a context of a current political tension in Spain and the need to adsress this sanitary, social and political problem through the cooperation.

Video of Prof. José M. Sabucedo’s speech at the seminar of the Galician Royal Academy of Sciences (8 May 2020)

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