Sara González, Chemical Engineer of the Environmental Biotechnology group of the CRETUS Institute, participated last week in the Healthy Tables Cycle organized by La Voz de Galicia in collaboration with Eroski, to talk about the environmental impact of consumption patterns, specifically, the of the Atlantic diet.

The food system is one of the main responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Within the project “Integration of circular economy and urban metabolism strategies in Spanish cities” financed by the Xunta de Galicia and led by Sara González, the greenhouse effect emissions associated with the amount of food ingested per inhabitant and day in the consumption of an Atlantic diet. Based on the results obtained, Sara affirms that the Atlantic diet would respond to the definition of a sustainable diet established by FAO: low environmental impact and high nutritional quality

The Atlantic diet was the central axis of the Healthy Tables cycle that took place last week at the headquarters of Afundación in Vigo. The talks addressed essential food issues and there was also time to hold a discussion with the attendees.

The presence of the researcher of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the USC in this healthy talk had a great impact on the media. See news:
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