The “Climate Change, as five phases of grief” course organized by the USC Nonlinear Physics Group in the framework of the University of Verán 2019 program, gathered from September 2 to 6 in the faculty of physics to more than 80 students from different disciplines: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Pharmacy, Law, Economics … most of the first years of his career.

The course was divided into 32 teaching hours between presentations and colloquiums as well as a technical visit to the Meteogalicia facilities.

Primer grupo de alumnos visitando las instalaciones de MeteoGalicia

The objective of this course was to provide attendees with a scientific and realistic global vision of climate change as well as to publicize the complexity of the proposed solutions to mitigate it. With this formula it was intended that the participant not only acquired the necessary knowledge but also sufficient critical capacity to draw their own conclusions.

To provide this global vision, the rapporteurs came from different disciplines: meteorologists, physicists, biologists, astrophysicists, oceanographers, activists, educators, journalists, an environmental law specialist and an economist. On behalf of CRETUS, Vicente Pérez Muñuzuri, Gonzalo Miguez Macho of the GFNL and Augusto Pérez Alberti of AMBIOSOL participated.
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