On July 4, representatives of the partners of the Consortium of the Terramater Project met: Innovative measures for the preventive recovery of burned areas. This project has the participation of the AMBIOSOL group and the USC acts as the Principal Beneficiary.

The Terramater project is framed in the INTERREG-POCTEP program with a total cost of € 1,106,805.29 and FEDER financing of € 830,103.96. The project will be in force until September 2021. The main objective is to recover the environmental and productive functions of the burned systems, minimizing the time necessary for their recovery, reducing soil losses due to erosion and increasing resistance to new fire episodes. . This project also aims to create a fire alarm system that allows to define the places of greatest risk, and to define the design, formulation and elaboration of amendments of organomineral fertilizers for the recovery of burnt soils that increase fire resistance and to prevent its spread to the plants.

The consortium of participants in the Terramater Project is constituted by:

University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
RVA – Recursos y Valorización Ambiental S.L. (Spain)
Higher Institute of Engenharia do Porto (Portugal)
Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (Portugal)
University of Minho (Portugal)

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