Alberto Pérez Muñuzuri

• Associate Professor
• Department: Physics of Condensed Matter
• Center: Faculty of Physics (USC)
• Research Group: Nonlinear Physics Group (GFNL)
• Tel.: +34 8818 14002
• Email:
• Group Web:


Graduated in Physics from USC in Jun 1991, I received a PhD in Physics from USC in May 1996. I did postdoctoral stays at the University of Berkeley and in
the Univ. of Brandeis (USA). I am currently a Full Professor of the Dept. of Physics of Condensed Matter of the Faculty of Physics at the Univ. Of Santiago and Associate of University of Harvard (USA). I am interested in the following lines of research: nonlinear physics, structure formation in biophysical systems, Turing structures, fluid physics and instabilities, bio-inspired robotics navigation algorithms, modeling of biophysical systems and behaviors, origins of life . I have 90 articles published in international magazines (including various PRL, PNAS, etc.), some 35 conferences at international congresses, 20 seminars given at different universities, 30 stays at universities in different countries (Univ. Of Harvard, USA; Univ. Of South Florida, USA; Univ. Of Brandeis, USA; Univ. Nac. De Quilmes, Argentina; Univ. Mar del Plata, Argentina; Univ. Livre de Bruxelles, Belgium; Univ. Heidelberg, Germany; etc), 6 doctoral theses directed and numerous end-of-master projects (directed at USC, Univ. Nac. Uruguay, Univ. Nac. Colombia, etc). Principal investigator of 9 research projects of competitive calls during the last 12 years.

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Most relevant publications
715.Alvarino, P. Nastold, S. Suárez, F. Omil, P.F.X. Corvini and H. Bouju (2016). Role of biotransformation, surprise and mineralization of 14C-labelled
sulfamethoxazole under different redox conditions. Science of the Total Environment, 542, 706–715.


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