Almudena Hospido Quintana

• Associate Professor
• Department: Chemical Engineering
• Center: School of Engineering (ETSE)
• Research Group: Environmental Biotechnology Group (BIOGROUP)
• Tel .: +34 8818 16797
• Email:
• Group Web:
• Personal website:

Associate Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering since February 2013 and Vice-rector for Internationalization since September 2015. My research work focuses on the field of Environmental Management, and in particular on the development and application of different methodologies for product evaluation. and more sustainable processes (Life Cycle Analysis, carbon footprint and water footprint). This research activity is materialized in the publication of more than 50 scientific articles in international journals (42 with SCI), and eight book chapters, in addition to more than 70 contributions to congresses (mostly international). Thus, the research activity for the period 2003-2015 has an H index equal to 19 and I have two sections of the research activity evaluated positively (2003-2008, 2009-2014) by the CNEAI.

I have participated in several research projects both at regional, national and European level (highlighting the coordination of the ENERWATER project (, the first project coordinated by the USC in the Horizon 2020 program) and various research contracts with various companies (Aquagest, Conservas Calvo, Feiraco, etc.) and organizations (FAO).

During this time I have also co-directed two doctoral theses in the framework of the development of LCA and its application to the wastewater treatment sector, and currently I supervise three more. I am editor of the “Wastewater treatment and management” section of the “International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment” magazine, as well as reviewer of various international scientific journals.

Research Lines
• Environmental management: application and development of different methodologies for evaluating products and more sustainable processes
– Methodologies: Life Cycle Analysis, Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint
– Application sectors: productive, for example food and beverage sector, and services, for example wastewater treatment and waste management
• Energy – water link: Energy efficiency in urban wastewater treatment




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