Elena María Andrade Fernández

• University Professor

• Department: Social and Basic Psychology and Methodology

• Center: Faculty of Psychology (USC)

• Research group: Social Behavior And Applied Psychometry (COSOYPA)

• Tel .: +34 881 81 13802

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I graduated in Psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). In 1993 I received a grant for Third Cycle studies and in 1994 a FPU grant from the Ministry of Education. In 1994 I made a stay at the University of Surrey, under the tutelage of Professor David Uzzell, expert in Environmental Psychology. Associated with the status of FPU fellow, I obtained support from the USC to carry out two other stays. The first took place in 1996, at Washington State University. It was supervised by Professor Donald Stem, with whom I collaborated in a cross-cultural research on attitude measurement. I obtained the Bachelor’s Degree in 1996 and the Extraordinary Bachelor’s Prize with the work “Response scales in psychological research: a comparative study”.

The second stay was in 1997, at the University of Barcelona, ​​invited by Professor Teresa Anguera. I alternated this stay with master’s studies at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona on Sports Psychology, a new field of inquiry for our group. In 1998 I defended my Doctoral Thesis at USC. Also in 1998, I formalized a contract as an Associate Professor, a condition that I maintained until 2003, when I entered the body of Full University Professors. As a teacher, I have taught subjects related to Measurement, Designs and Statistical Data Analysis. I have collaborated in degree, master and doctoral programs. I have coordinated my own specialization studies (2001) and master’s degrees (2005-2006), and I have directed various academic works, including 5 Doctoral Theses. I am the author and co-author of 6 books, 4 chapters and 24 scientific articles. I have participated in a dozen competitive projects, in various contracts with institutions and in the launch of a spin-off. According to the research group GI-1456, my two current priority lines are environmental measurement and behavior.

Lines of investigation
• Attitudes
• Preparation of Tests
• Behavior and environment
• Sports psychology
Current projects
AGRUP2015 / 02, Strategic grouping Technology Research Center
Environmental (CRETUS). Ministry of Culture, Education and Planning
University. (01.11.2015-01.12.2017) IP: Juan M. Lema Rodicio. € 500,000.
Member of the management team.
GPC2013-017, Consolidation and structuring. (GPC) GI-1456 Behavior
Social and Applied Psychometry (COSOYPA). (2013-PG038). Ministry of Culture,
University Education and Planning. IP: José Manuel Sabucedo. (University of
Santiago de Compostela). 08/15/2013 – 12/31/2015. € 70,000. Team member.

Main Indicators (2005-2015)
• SCI research publications: 22
• H index: 5
• SCOPUS citation:
• Books: 6
• Book chapters: 4
• Research publications without impact index:
• International participation:

Most relevant publications
Elena Andrade; Sonia Spain; Dolores Rodríguez. 2016. Factors of precompetitive mood in adolescents of collective sports and satisfaction with the
performance. Magazine of Sports Psychology. 25-2, pp. 229-236. ISSN 1132-239X.

Elena Andrade; et al. 2013. Short version in Spanish of the POMS questionnaire for adult athletes and the general population. Magazine of Sports Psychology. 22-1, pp. 95-102. ISSN 1132-239X.

Constantino Arce; et al. 2012. Adaptation of the Athlete Burnout Questionnaire in a Spanish sample of athletes. The Spanish Journal of Psychology. 15-3, pp.
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Constantino Arce; et al. 2011. Evaluation of informal leadership in sports teams. Latin American Journal of Psychology. 43-1, pp. 157-165. ISSN

Elena Andrade; et al. 2011. Model for measuring subjective mood in adolescent athletes. Magazine of Sports Psychology. 20-2, pp. 537-548.
ISSN 1132-239X.