Cross-disciplinary Research Center in Environmental Technologies (CRETUS)

University of Santiago de Compostela

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Contract offer for Senior Project Management

Contract offer for Senior Project Management

The Center for cross-disciplinary Research in Environmental Technologies (CRETUS) of University of Santiago de Compostela, that has just obtained accreditation in excellence from its Regional Government (Xunta de Galicia), is looking for a dynamic and experienced...

Open call to join CRETUS Mentoring Program

Open call to join CRETUS Mentoring Program

CRETUS has already launched the 3rd Call of its Mentoring Program targeted to its PhD Students. Currently, the mentoring program has 20 researchers in the role of mentor and a total of 30 doctoral students have already join the program (15 have finished and the other...



  • Organic microcontaminants

  • Biological contamination

  • Natural water physicochemistry

  • Ecotoxicology

  • Microbiology


  • Water treatment

  • Waste treatment

  • Air quality

  • Recovery of contaminated soils

  • Post-treatment and disinfection

  • Biorefining and resource valuation

  • Sustainable production

  • Environmental modeling


  • Environmental impact

  • Life Cycle Analysis

  • Economic viability

  • Environmental risk

  • Circular economy

  • Energy efficiency

  • Territorial planning

  • Carbon sinks

  • Social perception and acceptance

  • Legal aspects



Actividade financiada polo Convenio de Colaboración entre a Consellería de Cultura, Educación e a USC para o desenvolvemento de accións estratéxicas de I+D+i.