Laboratory of Research and Development of Analytical Solutions

Group created in 2010 focuses its research activity mainly on the analysis of priority and emerging pollutants in environmental matrices and in new materials and personal care products (PCPs); as well as in the analysis and use of products and waste from the wine industry. His scientific production since its establishment is summarized in about 90 international publications in SCI journals, participation in an encyclopedia and several books in prestigious publishers, 12 doctoral theses with mention of quality, 10 projects of the National and Autonomous Plan, in addition to its participation in more than 23 contracts with companies, 3 patents and more than 110 communications to international and national congresses. In this period he has also received 3 research awards (R2014 / 013). Since 2012 it has been recognized by the Xunta as a Consolidated Group.

Coordinator: Carmen G. Jares
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Actividade financiada polo Convenio de Colaboración entre a Consellería de Cultura, Educación e a USC para o desenvolvemento de accións estratéxicas de I+D+i.