M. Teresa Moreira Vilar

• Professor of Chemical Engineering
• Department: Chemical Engineering
• Center: Escola Técnica Superior de Enxeñaría (USC)
• Research Group: Environmental Biotechnology (BIOGROUP)
• Tel .: +34 8818 16792
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• Scientific Profiles: Orcid, Research Gate

I reached the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry (Esp. Industrial Chemistry) in June 1992 from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), starting the 3rd cycle studies in September 1992. During the doctorate I obtained several scholarships, although I would highlight the scholarship of the Research Personnel Training Program of the Ministry of Education and Science. I presented the Doctoral Thesis in May 1997 under the direction of Professors G. Feijoo and Juan M. Lema.

I have held various teaching positions since February 1998. In April 2007 I obtained the Qualification for Full Professor of the University of the Chemical Engineering Knowledge Area in the tests carried out at the University of Zaragoza. In December 2007, I entered a position of University Professor at the USC. In May 2010, I obtained the ANECA accreditation for the University Professors Corps (Ref. 2010-001077), finally obtaining the University Professor position in the opposition competition held in Santiago de Compostela in December 2011.

During these years I have carried out an intense research activity in the following lines of work:
• Enzymatic biocatalysis. Fungal peroxidases and oxidases. Immobilization of enzymes.
• Development and modeling of enzyme reactors. Application to the biodegradation of highly toxic compounds: PAHs, industrial dyes, pesticides …
• Life cycle management. Environmental analysis of processes and products.
• Ecolabelling and Ecodesign

I have made several research stays at the Wageningen Agricultural University in the Netherlands for a period of 12 months (5 months, 1995; 5 months, 1997; 2 months in 1998), at the School of Biochemical Engineering of the Catholic University of Valparaíso in Chile (1 month, 1996), at the EULA Center of the Universidad de Concepción in Chile (1 month, 1999) and at the Dept. of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Arizona in the USA for a period of 5 months (3 months, 2002; 1 month, 2012; 1 month 2014).

Finally, I would highlight the participation in various tasks of University Management, especially the work as Secretary of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Secretary of the ETSE. In addition, I have participated in various activities related to the improvement of teaching quality and accreditation processes, such as the Self-Assessment Committee of the Chemical Engineering Degree, the IChemE Accreditation Commission and Participation in the Expert Panel of Project Evaluation Plan Nacional and the BBVA Foundation.

Lines of investigation
• Life Cycle Management
– Methodological aspects of Life Cycle Analysis: multifunctional systems, characterization and normalization factors, integration of data wrap analysis systems
– Application of the Life Cycle Analysis methodology to the development of various sectors and industrial processes
– Ecolabelling: Carbon Footprint (ISO 14067) and Energy Return Rate
– Ecodesign of products (ISO 14006)
• Biochemical Engineering
– Enzymatic biocatalysis: peroxidases and oxidases and enzyme immobilization
– Development of nanocatalysts
– Design and modeling of enzyme reactors.
– Biological tertiary treatment of wastewater for the elimination of PPCPs: endocrine disruptors, antibiotics and polyaromatic hydrocarbons
• Transfer to the productive sector
– Fishing sector
– Food industry
– Sustainable transport and green logistics
– Forest industrial
– Bioenergy & Biofuels

Current projects
• New enzymatic oxidation / oxyfunctionalization technologies for added value bio-based products (EnzOx2). UE (H2020) (11/01/2016 – 10/31/2019) IP: M. T. Moreira
• Sustainability transition assessment and research of bio-based products (STAR-ProBio). EU (H2020) (05/01/2017 – 04/30/2020). IP: Gumersindo Feijoo & Sara González. € 334,485
• Chemical and biochemical catalysis reactors based on metal oxide nanoparticles, immobilized enzymes and atomic clusters for the removal of contaminants (MODENA). (CTQ2016-79461-R) Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (12/30/2016 – 12/31/2019) IP: M. T. Moreira. € 279,510.
• Competitive Reference Groups. Consolidation and Structuring Program for competitive research units. (GRC 2013-032). (2013-2016) Xunta de Galicia. Ministry of culture, education and order. IP. Juan M. Lema. € 370000.00

Leading indicators
• SCI Research Publications: 249
• H index: 49 (Scopus)
• SCOPUS Citation: 6,944
• Books: 2
• Book chapters: 38
• Research publications without impact index: 39
• Patents: 7

Most relevant publications
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