Mª del Carmen Sánchez Carreira


PhD in Economics (2006) from the USC with the doctoral thesis “The role of the business public sector in innovation. Study of the Spanish experience in the context of the privatization of the period 1980-2003”, rated with outstanding cum laude.

FPU grant from the Ministry of Education.

His main area of ​​specialization focuses on innovation policies and, in particular, on innovative public procurement, paying special attention to the health and environmental field. He has also investigated issues of technological intensity of trade, regional disparities in the EU and the Welfare State.

He has participated in public and private research projects, which mainly address innovation policies, regional and local development and the circular economy. Its participation in international competitive projects stands out.
He has made stays at prestigious foreign centers in the field of innovation, such as the University of Aalborg (Denmark) or the Science Policy and Research Unit, of the University of Sussex (United Kingdom).

Since 2006 she has been a full-time professor at the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He has taught various degrees and at all levels of university education (bachelor / graduate, postgraduate, master and doctorate). Participates in experiences and innovation projects and directs theses, final master’s and degree works.


Actividade financiada polo Convenio de Colaboración entre a Consellería de Cultura, Educación e a USC para o desenvolvemento de accións estratéxicas de I+D+i.