• Associate professor
• Department: Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
• Center: Faculty of Biology (USC)
• Research Group: Cartography of soils and landscape, physical-chemical, degradation and recovery
soil and water (AMBIOSOL)
• Tel .: +34 881 811 000
• Email:
• Group Web:

An architect by training, specialized in various fields related to territorial planning and resources for the management of settlements, I have worked in all areas of the profession and in the different phases and scales of plans and projects. As a farmer apprentice, I aspire to understand how my environment works to adapt to it in a socially and environmentally balanced way.
• Architect (1989-1997) (University of NAVARRA)
• Master and Town Planning Technician (2003-2005) (National Institute of Public Administration)
• Specialization in cooperation for the development of human settlements (1998) (Polytechnic University of Madrid. ETSAM)
• Diploma of Advanced Studies (2009) (University of A Coruña)
• PhD student in Planning and territorial management. (University of Santiago de Compostela)

• Associate Professor of the Geography department of the Faculty of Geography and History of the University of Santiago de Compostela.
• Independent consulting architect.
• I regularly collaborate with the universities of the Basque Country, Granada, UIMP, San Pablo Ceu, Valencia, INAP in training and specialization courses, as well as teaching in different Masters of Landscape, Territory and Urbanism.
• Author of articles and publications related to landscape management and spatial planning.

Most significant projects
• Landscape strategy (2011-2014) / (2014-2016)
• Initial phase of the Atlas of the landscapes of Galicia
• Monitoring Plan for the territorial sustainability of Galicia
• Creation of the Institute for Territorial Studies (2012)
• Management Plan for the Galicia Coastline (2011)
• Planning Guidelines for the Territory of Galicia (2011)
• Study of the Historical Territory of the Camino de Santiago Francés (2007-2009)
• Start-up of the General Directorate for Sustainability and Landscape (2009)
• Coordination of the General Plan of Municipal Planning of A Coruña (2007-2009)
• Urban Information System of Navarra
• Special plan for the protection and interior reform of the historic centers of Pamplona, ​​Tudela, Vitoria and Bethelén (Palestine). Recognitions and awards
• 2014 GOOD PRACTICE. X UNHABITAT International Best Practice Contest
• 2013 Prize of the XII Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism
• 2012 GOOD PRACTICE. IX UNHABITAT International Best Practice Contest

Lines of investigation
• Territorial planning and management
• Applied research in strategic and regional planning.
• Evaluation and monitoring systems for the dynamic management of the territory.
• Incorporation of the landscape in the planning of the territory
• Geographic information systems
• Definition of data models based on the elements of the landscape.
• Territorial and landscape analysis through massive data management and geographic information management.

Current Projects
• GOBEFTER II project, with the University of Valencia, with a provisional resolution for an amount of € 15,000. (In process)

Main Indicators (2005-2015)
• SCI research publications: 2
• H index:
• SCOPUS Citation Number:
• Books: 4 author, 4 co-author, 8 as editor and director
• Book chapters: 8
• Research publications without impact index: 11
• International participation (conferences, presentations): 12 as speaker or rapporteur
• Patents: Registries in intellectual property: 2 data models
Most relevant publications
Borobio Sanchiz, M .; Turrado Sánchez, J; Pérez Alberti, A .; (2015) Official sources of territorial information and its integration for the mapping of Galician agricultural landscapes. Semata. No. 27. University of Santiago de Compostela. Pag 39-67

Pérez Alberti, A .; Borobio Sanchiz, M; Castillo Rodriguez, F .; Payán Pérez, M. (2014) Methodology and classification of landscape types in Galicia. Study Center for Geography and Land Planning. No. 6. 259-282. ISSN: 2182-1267

Borobio Sanchiz, M .; García García, M .; (2012) Galicia Coastal Management Plan: new perspectives for land use planning and landscape management. City and Territory. Territorial studies. Nº 171. Ministry of Housing. Vol. XLIV. Fourth epoch. 171-177. ISSN: 1133-4762

Integrated coastal governance. The Galicia coastal planning plan
• Author Manuel Borobio Sanchiz, Miriam García García
• Publication of the Ibero-American Magazine of Integrated Coastal Management. Vol 1
• UNESCO Edition
• Place / Date July 2012
• Pages 27-40
• ISSN 2304-0963

Landscape as a means of territorial planning

• Author Manuel Borobio Sanchiz, Miriam García García
• Cities publication
• University Institute Edition of the University of Valladolid. Ordination of
territory, foundations and practice of a discipline under construction
• Place / Date December 2012
• Pages Pages 115-132.
• ISSN 1133-6579

Sustainable development of the Spanish Atlantic Coast
• Author Miriam García García, Manuel Borobio Sanchiz
• Publication No.87 / 2014
• Topos Edition: European landscape magazine. D.W. Calwey
• Place / Date Germany, June 2014
• Pages 104-108
• ISSN 0942-752X


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