Mónica álzate garcía


Psychologist and teacher of degree, master and doctorate in Colombia and Spain. He obtained his doctorate in the area of ​​Social Psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela, his thesis on the constructive transformation of conflicts was deserving of the “Extraordinary Doctorate Award”. She has been a researcher for the COSOYPA Research group for more than fifteen years, she also participates in Colombian research groups, classified in the highest categories of that country. In 2015, she was recognized as a Senior Researcher in Colombia and received resources to carry out research on: emotions, attitudes and behaviors linked to the process of social reconciliation after the Colombian conflict; pro-environmental consumption; and livability of public space. He has tutored doctoral theses, undergraduate projects and seedlings of young researchers related to his lines of research. During the years 2010 to 2017, she was the Editorial Coordinator of the International Journal of Social Psychology.

Lines of investigation:

• Emotions, attitudes and behaviors in favor of peace and natural resources.

• Collective behavior and social mobilization.


Competitive research projects:

• Political protest in times of crisis. Mobilizing dynamics and populist attitudes.

• Mobilized Citizenship: Who protests and for what reasons, emotions and contexts.

• Attitude towards Social Reconciliation in the midst of armed conflict: relationship of coping style, emotions and attribution of responsibility.

• Longitudinal analysis of the determining factors of the effectiveness of a sustainable behavior program (CS) in the development of factors of purchase, use and disposal of consumer goods and public services in Bogota households.



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