€ MM / year Average financing

In the 2015-2017 period, the groups collectively obtain € 7.5 million financing from approximately 100 projects and contracts with companies.

The main source of financing obtained by CRETUS members during the analysis period has been the International Projects with more than € 2.5 million (34% of the total).

The financing of the National Plan represents the second source of funding for the research activity of CRETUS, representing 26% of the total with 19 projects, totaling € 2 million.

In addition, 50 contracts with clients such as INDITEX, AQUALIA (FCC), SUEZ, NORVENTO, REPSOL, etc. have been obtained. which account for 22% of the total financing. These data prove that CRETUS groups intend to be close to the needs of the business and society, but always from a good scientific base and generating new knowledge.

The remaining 16% of the funds come from funds at the regional level, totaling € 1.7 million, through 12 projects or consolidation grants.

Since CRETUS was established in 2015, the member research groups have added a total of 725 publications, of which 9 correspond to complete books (including national and international), 36 to book chapters (including national and international), 258 to SCI articles and 37 to non-SCI articles.

In this period 2015-2019, the 77.1% of the total SCI publications belongs to Q1  and 52,2% to D1.

Among the books, it should be noted that 5 of 9 are international in nature, as are 30 of the 36 chapters of published books.




Spin-off companies

Desde el 2009 el conjunto de los profesores integrantes de CRETUS  han dirigido una media casi constante de unas 12-13 Tesis doctorales por año, lo que suma un total de 75 tesis, de las cuales el 48% son de ámbito europeo.

En el periodo 2015-2019 se  han dirigido 91 Tesis doctorales, de las cuales el —con mención internacional.