Rosa María Calvo de Anta

• University Professor
• Department: Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
• Center: Faculty of Biology (USC)
• Research Group: Soil and landscape mapping, physico-chemical, soil and water degradation and recovery (AMBIOSOL)
• Tel .: +34 881 81 13291
• Email:
• Group Web:


Graduate: Biology. University of Santiago de Compostela. 1974
Doctor: Biology. Santiago de Compostela University. 1979

Lines of investigation
• Forest floors
– Influence of different forest species on soil properties
– The soil as a carbon sink

• Genesis / Soil Typology / Skills
• Soil mapping
• Pollution and soil recovery

Main Indicators (2005-2015)
• SCI research publications: 33
• H index: 19
• SCOPUS Citation Number: 1357
• Books: 2
• Chapters of books:
• Research publications without impact index: 3
• International participation (conferences, presentations): 5 presentations
• Patents:

Most relevant publications
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mass loss rates in pine forests of Europe and Eastern United States: some relationships with climate and litter quality. Biogeochemistry, 20: 127-159. (389 quotes)

Álvarez Rodríguez, E., Pérez Otero, and Calvo De Anta, R. (1993) .- Alumininum speciation in surface waters and soil solution in areas of sulphide mineralization in Galicia (NW Spain) .The Science of the Total Environment, 133: 17-37. (34 quotes)

Macías, F. and Calvo de Anta, R. (1992) .- Pédogéochimique des sols characterization
de la Galice (NW Espagne) in relation to the diversification lithology. Mise en évidence d’un milieu de transition between les domaines tempérés et subtropicaux humides. Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des ciences. Paris, 315: 1803-1810. (17 quotes)

Macías Vázquez, F. and Calvo De Anta, R. (2001) .- Los Suelos. In: Atlas of Galicia.
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Calvo de Anta, R. and Macías, F. (2009) .- Remediation of Soils Contaminated with Pyritic Sludge from a Mine Spill in Aznalcóllar, Spain. Advances in Geoecology CATENA ISSN: 0341-8162, 40: 295-310.