• Titular teacher
• Department: Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
• Center: Institute of Technological Research (USC)
• Research Group: Soil and landscape mapping, physico-chemical, soil and water degradation and recovery (AMBIOSOL)
• Tel .: +34 8818 16042
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Full Professor of the Department of Physical Chemistry since 2002 and accredited to the Chair since 2013. Coordinator of the Environmental Physical Chemistry Research group (GI-2588) since 2009. Publication of more than 60 scientific articles, participation in more than 50 national and international conferences and direction of 3 doctoral theses and numerous TFG and TFM. Participation in more than 15 regional, national and international research projects related to the retention of organic and inorganic contaminants on surfaces of environmental interest capable of naturally attenuating contamination, with chemical speciation in contaminated waters and soils, the study of surface complexation models for the simulation of adsorption processes in natural systems and with the study of the quality of waters and sediments of rivers in Galicia. In three of the national projects, participation was as IP. Participation in the NAIADE Network since 2014 and in the CRETUS Strategic Group since 2015. Contracts with companies to carry out particle size determination for oil and water quality studies. Taught at the Faculties of Chemistry, Biology and Pharmacy and at the USC Higher Technical School of Engineering.

Lines of investigation
• The comprehensive study of surface water quality:
• Chemical speciation in aquatic systems and contaminated soils
• Water and sediment quality studies: analysis of physical-chemical parameters
• The study of the reactivity of soils from its fractions as model systems:
• Adsorption / retention of pollutants on surfaces of environmental interest
• Natural iron nanoparticles and their ability to mitigate contamination
• Surface complexation models and their application in the simulation of adsorption / retention processes in natural systems
• Development of soil and water remediation methods based on the use of mineral nanoparticles and / or biocarbons.

Current projects
• Valorization of organic waste: production of humic substances (RES2VALHUM). EU European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). (04.2017 – 03. 2020). IP: Sarah Fiol López

• Recovery of the populations of Margaritifera margaritifera and Galemys pyrenaicus in the Ulla River Basin, (Galicia). EUROPEAN COMISSION. (01.09.2010-31.08. 2016). IP: Sarah Fiol López

• Conservation of bivalves and freshwater fish (RED NAIADE). Ministry of Culture, Education and University Planning – Xunta de Galicia. Consolidation of competitive structuring units in the REDES modality. (June 2014 – May 2016). € 120,000 IP: Mª Paz Ondina Navarret

Leading indicators
• JCR Research Publications: 57
• H index: 19
• ISI Citation: 1421
• Book chapters: 2

Most relevant publications
Baleeiro, A., Fiol, S., Otero-Fariña, A., Antelo, J. 2018. Surface Chemistry of iron oxides formed by neutralization of acidic mine waters: Removal of trace metals. Applied Geochemistry 89, 129-137.

Otero-Fariña, A., Peacock, C.L., Fiol, S., Antelo, J., Carvin, B. 2018. A universal adsorption behavior for Cu uptake by iron (hydr) oxide organo-mineral composites. Chemical Geology 479, 22-35.

Otero-Fariña, A., Fiol, S., Arce, F., Antelo, J. 2017. Effects of natural organic matter on the binding of arsenate and copper onto goethite. Chemical Geology, 459, 119-128.

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Pérez, C .; Antelo, J .; Fiol, S .; Arce, F. 2014. Modeling oxyanion adsorption on ferralic soil, part 2: Chromate, selenite, molybdate and arsenate adsorption. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 33 (10), 2217-2224.

Gondar, D; López, R; Antelo, J .; Fiol, S .; Arce, F. 2013. Effect of organic matter and pH on the adsorption of metalaxyl and penconazole by soils. Journal of Hazardous Materials 260, 627-633.