Hydroalcoholic gel production
Hydroalcoholic gel production process carried out in the Pilot Plant of the School of Engineering (ETSE) for the Galician healthcare Service (SERGAS) in which some CRETUS researchers are participating. April 2020


ELAN®. Technology based on an Anammox process.USC-Aqualia
The Group of Environmental Biotechnology (Biogroup-USC) and the company Aqualia have developed a single stage autotrophic denitrification process, based on Anammox, under the name ELAN ® (Autotrophic Nitrogen Elimination). 2014
From a waste to a resource.
Researchers from the group of Environmental Biotechnology (Biogroup) explain the work they do in the research line on wastewater treatment and resource recovery. 2018


Multidisciplinary grouping in the field of Environmental Technologies
University of Santiago de Compostela