Amaya Franco Uría

• Contracted Doctor Professor
• Department: Chemical Engineering
• Center: Escola Técnica Superior de Enxeñaría
• Research Group: Environmental Biotechnology (BIOGROUP)
• Tel .: +34 8818 16777
• Email:
• Group Web:
• Personal website:

Lines of investigation

• Environmental risk
– Environmental modeling
– Waste management
• Strategic program
– Integration of mass and energy flows in valorisation processes
– Integration of environmental indicators

Current Projects
• Holistic technology with low environmental footprint for the treatment of municipal wastewaters aiming at the minimization of Greenhouse Gases
emissions, micro and nano pollutants (HOLSIA) (CTM2013-46750-R). (01.01.2014 – 12.31.2016). Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. IP: Juan M. Garrido / Francisco Omil Endowment: €
• Knowledge-Based Innovative Solutions to Enhance Adding-Value Mechanisms towards Healthy and Sustainable EU Fisheries (iSEAS) – 2 (iSEAS) (07/01/2014 – 06/30/2018). European Union (LIFE13 ENV / ES / 000131) CSIC (coordinator), CETMAR, IEO, USC, Talleres Josmar, OPROMAR. IP: Ricardo Pérez Martín, IIM-CSIC. € 59,706.00
• Potential of Innovative Technologies to Improve Sustainability of Sewage Treatment Plants (Pioneer_STP) (04/01/2016 – 03/31/2019). Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (PCIN-2015-227) IP: Juan M. Lema Endowment: €

Main Indicators (2005-2015)
• SCI research publications: 33
• H index: 11
• SCOPUS Citation: 518
• Books: –
• Book chapters: 5
• Research publications without impact index: 5
• International participation (conferences, presentations): 49
• Patents: –

Most relevant publications
Franco, E. Roca, J.M. Motto. “Granulation in high-load denitrifying upflow sludge bed (USB) pulsed reactors”. Water Research. (2006) 40, 871-880.

Franco, K. Prevedouros, R. Alli, I.T. Cousins. “Comparison and analysis of different approaches for estimating the human exposure to phthalate esters”. Environment International. (2007) 33, 283-291.

Franco-Uría, I. Otero-Muras, E. Balsa-Canto, A. A. Alonso, E. Roca. “Generic parameterization for a pharmacokinetic model to predict Cd concentrations in several tissues of different fish species”. Chemosphere. (2010) 79, 377-386.

L.T. Antelo, G.M. de Hijas-Liste, A. Franco-Uría, A.A. Alonso, R.I. Pérez-Martín. “Optimization of processing routes for a marine biorefinery”. Journal of Cleaner Production. (2015) 104, 489-501.

García-Santiago, A. Franco-Uría, F. Omil, Juan M. Lema. “Risk assessment of persistent pharmaceuticals in biosolids: Dealing with uncertainty”. Journal of Hazardous Materials. (2016) 302, 72-81.


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