Felipe Macías Vázquez

University Professor
• Department: Edaphology and Agricultural Chemistry
• Center: School of Biology (USC)
• Research Group: Soil and landscape mapping, physicochemical, soil and water degradation and recovery (AMBIOSOL)
• Tel .: +34 881 81 13316
• Email:
• Web Group:


Professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela in matters of Earth Sciences (1971- ..)
Professor of the Universidad del Depto. of Edaphology and Agricultural Chemistry of the Faculty of Biology at the USC since 1984.
Professor Emeritus (2018- )

Specialization (UNESCO Code): 2511 Soil Science. (Chemistry, Mineralogy, Soil Classification and Genesis, Soil Pollution and Recovery, Biogeochemistry, Soil Pollution and Recovery, Environmental Impact Assessment, Carbon Sources and Sinks, Waste Management).

Academic Activity
• Coordinator of the Doctorate course «Environment and Natural Resources». (Quality Mention MCD2006-00169). 1986-2008.
• General Director of the Environmental Quality Agency. Regional Planning Department. Xunta de Galicia. 1989-90.
• Professor of master and doctorate courses at the Universities of Santiago, Murcia, Oviedo, Nancy, Paris, Rennes, Sao Paulo, Minho and Vigo. 1990-…
• President of the Spanish Society of Soil Science (February 2001-2009).
• Member of the “Working Group on Research” of the European Soil Strategy (representing the Ministry of Environment). 2002-2006.
• Member of the Nature Sciences Committee of the National Commission for the Evaluation of Research Activity. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports 2003-2005.
• Coordinator of the research group GI-1245 “Cartography of soils and landscapes, physicochemical, degradation and recovery of soils and water”. Maximum level of excellence of the Xunta de Galicia. (2004-2016).
• Metra étranger de l’Academie d’Agriculture de France. Agriculture, Alimentation et Environnement (section Physique et Chimie des milieux et des
êtres vivants). Elected in December 2005 vote.
• Coordinator of the Soil and Biogeochemical group for the reform of the habitats of the Spanish Nature Network and the monitoring of its quality. MINISTRY OF THE ENVIRONMENT. 2006-2009.
• Member of: Spanish Society of Soil Science, Societé Française pour l’Etude du Sol, Soil Science Society of America, International Soil Science Society, Association for the Environmental Health of Soils, Brazilian Society of Science of Solo, American Chemical Society ( Division of Environmental Chemistry), International Biochar Initiative.

Research activity
Author of more than 250 publications on issues of Soil Science, Biogeochemistry of surface systems (soils, water and habitats), Evaluation and Planning of Natural Resources, Contaminated Soils, Recovery of Soils, Water and Ecosystems, Evaluation of Impacts and Environmental Risks, Carbon sequestration, …
Principal investigator of more than 100 research projects financed by administrations and companies and director of 31 doctoral theses.

Research Lines
• Edaphology
• Biogeochemistry
• Environmental technology
• Environmental studies

Current projects

• TEKURA Project: Research and development of bioactive compounds based on Tecnosols, to avoid the generation of acid drainage in uranium mining. CDTI project in collaboration with ENUSA; EMGRISA, CIEMAT and LTA-USC . Ref. IDI-20170069. 2018-2020
• Valorização de resíduos orgânicos: produção de substâncias húmicas. EP – INTERREG V A Espanha Portugal (POCTEP). Collaboration with SOGAMA, LIPOR, CVAN and UNIV. MINHO 2017-2019.
• Proyecto TERRAMATER. Medidas innovadoras de recuperación preventiva en áreas quemadas EP – INTERREG V A Espanha Portugal (POCTEP). Collaboration with Universidades MINHO and SANTIAGO, POLITECNICOS DE BRAGANÇA y PORTO y la empresa RVA 2018-2021. Coordinator.

Most relevant publications

MACIAS, F.; CAMPS ARBESTAIN, M. 2020. A Biogeochemical view of the World Reference Base Soil Classification System. Advances in Agronomy 160, 295-345. Doi: org/10.1016/bs.agron.2019.11.002.

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