Juan M. Garrido Fernández

• Professor of Chemical Engineering
• Department: Chemical Engineering
• Center: Escola Técnica Superior de Enxeñaría (USC)
• Research Group: Environmental Biotechnology (BIOGROUP)
• Tel .: +34 8818 16778
• Email:
• Group Web:
• Personal website:
• Scientific Profiles: Orcid, Research ID, Scopus

I graduated in Chemical Sciences in July 1991, doing the specialty of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). In October 1991 I began my doctoral thesis in the USC Department of Chemical Engineering, presenting it in March 1996. From 1/1/1992 to 12/31/1995 I was a fellow of the FPI program. Since April 1996 I have chained various contracts as Professor in said department of the USC. In 2006 I obtained the qualification of Full Professor at the University in a competition held at the University of Barcelona, ​​obtaining the position of Full Professor in the USC Department of Chemical Engineering (January 2007). I did two research stays at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands (9 months, years 1993-1994 and 1996) and one stay for 6 months (1997) at the Cirsee, research center of the multinational Suez Environment in Le Pecq sur Seine (France), with a grant from the EU Marie Curie program. My research profile is related to the field of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, in topics related to wastewater treatment, biorecovery of the contaminated coastline and recovery of water resources (reuse and recovery of phosphorous). I have published some 50 scientific articles, presented more than 80 communications to congresses, written 10 book chapters, I have 4 national patents (1 European) and directed 7 doctoral theses (5 of them in the last 10 years). I participated in various European, national and regional research projects, as well as in various research contracts with companies

Lines of investigation
• Advanced technologies for wastewater treatment
– Membrane bioreactors for aerobic / anaerobic treatment of wastewater, removal of nutrients and organic matter from wastewater.
– Recovery of phosphorus through the struvite crystallization reaction.

Current projects
• Integrated anaerobic system for the treatment at ambient temperature of wastewater in European climates (SIAMEC). (09/01/2015 – 09/01/2018). LIFE14 ENV / ES / 000849 project. European Commission. CETGAL (Life Project), CETAQUA (coordinator), HIDROGEA (HIDROGEA, Gestión Integral de Aguas de Murcia, SA), ESAMUR (Regional Entity for Sanitation and Wastewater Treatment in the Region of Murcia), Biogroup-USC (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela), EMUASA (Municipal Water and Sanitation Company of Murcia, SA), CAPSA (CORPORACION ALIMENTARIA PEÑASANTA, SA). IP and USC budget: Juan M. Garrido. € 368,779.00
• Holistic technology with a low environmental footprint for wastewater treatment aimed at minimizing greenhouse gases, micro and nanocontaminants (HOLSIA). (CTM2013-46750-R). (01.01.2014 – 12.31.2016). Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness IP. Juan M. Garrido. € 242,000.00
• Competitive Reference Groups. Consolidation and Structuring Program for competitive research units. (GRC 2013-032). (2013-2016) Xunta de Galicia. Ministry of culture, education and order. IP. Juan M. Lema. € 370000.00

Main Indicators (2005-2015)
• SCI research publications: 30
• H index: 19
• SCOPUS Citation: 1336
• Books: 1
• Book chapters: 10
• Research publications without impact index: 5
• International participation: (conferences, presentations): 40
• Patents: 3

Most relevant publications
Sánchez, A., Rodríguez-Hernández, L., Buntner, D., Esteban-García, A.L., Tejero, I., Garrido, J.M. (2016) Denitrification coupled with methane oxidation in a membrane bioreactor after methanogenic pre-treatment of wastewater. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology,. Article in Press.

Buntner, D., Sánchez, A., Garrido, J.M. (2013) Feasibility of combined UASB and MBR system in dairy wastewater treatment at ambient temperatures. Chemical Engineering Journal, 230, pp.

Sánchez, A., Buntner, D., Garrido, J.M. (2013) Impact of methanogenic pre-treatment on the performance of an aerobic MBR system. Water Research, 47 (3), pp. 1229-1236.

Crutchik, D., Sánchez, A., Garrido, J.M. (2013) Simulation and experimental validation of multiple phosphate precipitates in a saline industrial wastewater. Separation and Purification Technology, 118, pp. 81-88.

Trigo, C., Campos, J.L., Garrido, J.M., Méndez, R. (2006) Start-up of the Anammox process in a membrane bioreactor (2006) Journal of Biotechnology, 126 (4), pp. 475-487.

Fernández-Álvarez, P., Vila, J., Garrido-Fernández, J.M., Grifoll, M., Lema, J.M. (2006) Trials of bioremediation on a beach affected by the heavy oil spill of the Prestige. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 137 (3), pp. 1523-1531.
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